October 1999

Saturday, October 30, 1999 - 18:30
Dragon Palace Restaurant, Los Angeles, California
Jae Min Roh, Youngsil Lee, Keumsook Hahn, Joy Kim, Soon Jung, Ho Kyong Woo, Won-tack Kim, Katie Kim, Sunyoon Lee, Heawon Paick, Choonhee Rhim


1. KALA website address is announced: www.apanet.org/~kala

2. KALA newsletter was compiled by Unjoo Lee and mailed out to all members by Keumsook Hahn in the month of November, 1999. The newsletter has the announcement of the KALA website.

3. Publication of the KALA directory in print form will be discontinued since it is available in electronic form on the Internet at the KALA website.

4. KALA will resume awarding the scholarship next year. Choonhee Rhim will chair the scholarship committee. The committee members are: Joy Kim, Jae Min Roh, and Nancy Choi

5. "Directory of Korean language collections in the greater Los Angeles area" published in 1994 will be updated. Youngsil Lee will revise the survey forms. Each member will be assigned to send the survey forms to the libraries divided into several geographic areas. Cover letter will be prepared by Choonhee Rhim, and Sunyoon Lee will help creating the database format for publication.

6. Revision of the Bylaws was discussed. Soon Jung suggested that Executive Board needed to review the current bylaws. More discussion will be followed in the next meeting.

7. KALA will hold a workshop in Spring, 2000 with the topic:

"How to become a librarian in the U.S."

Katie Kim will chair the committee. The committee members are: Won-tack Kim, Mikyung Kang and Unjoo Lee

8. Joy Kim reported on the KLA Conference held in Kwangju, Korea in September, 1999. Joy Kim and Hyokyoung Lee attended and made presentations as overseas librarians. The topics of the presentation are listed in the KALA newsletter. The response to the presentations was great, and Joy Kim was invited to several university libraries for further presentations.