The name of this organization shall be the Korean American Librarians and Information Professional Association (KALIPA).


The purpose of this Association are to:

1) Exchange professional knowledge among Korean-American librarians in the United States and to provide a forum for discussion mutual concerns and interests among members.
2) Promote cooperative library programs between Korea and the United States.
3) Cooperate with other organizations that share similar concerns and interests.
4) Promote understanding and friendship among the members.


The membership of the Association shall be open to all individuals or organizations interested in supporting its purposes and who pay membership dues as set by the rules of the Association.


The period of fiscal year and the membership dues shall be from January 1 to December 31 each calendar year.


Section 1. (Organization): The Executive Committee shall be consisted of the following five members; President, Vice-President, Executive Secretary, Treasure, and Public Relations.

Section 2. (Rights and Responsibilities):
1) The Executive Committee shall operate and execute the Association's business as determined at the General Membership Meeting.
2) President shall represent the Association and become the President of the Executive Committee.
3) Vice-President shall assist the President and will become the Acting President when/if the President cannot carry out the duties of the position.
4) Executive Secretary shall be responsible for internal matters and record keeping.5) Treasure shall be responsible for financial matters of the Association such as dues collection and expenditures.

Section 3. (Terms of the Office):
The term of the elected officers shall be one year from the time of election. If/When vacancies occur in the Executive Committee, the President and the Vice-President shall appoint a member to fill the position. The appointed officers shall serve the remaining period of the term.

Section 4. (Elections): The first President and Vice-President shall be elected at the General Meeting. The rest of the officers shall be appointed jointly by the President and the Vice-President, and the appointment shall be approved by the membership at the General Meeting.

Section 1. (General Meetings):
1) The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January each year, and the following items shall be discussed and decided.

A. Election of officers
B. Treasurer's report and budget plan
C. Program planning
D. Approval of appointed officers

Section 2. (Special Meetings):
2) Special General Meeting shall be called for by the President upon the request of the Executive Committee or one third of the membership, at which only proposed items in advance shall be discussed and decided.


1) The bylaws may be amended by the approval of two thirds of membership present at the General Meeting.
2) The Bylaws shall be effective from the date of passage at the General Meeting.