September 2000

Saturday, September 30, 2000 - 18:30
Pio Pico Koreatown Library, Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, California
Choonhee Rhim, Young Sil Lee, Unjoo Lee, Joanne Kim, Jina Wakimoto, Ed Pai, Jae Min Roh, Ul-Sun Ma, Sunyoon Lee, Hyon-sun An, Won-Tack Kim, Joy Kim, Heawon Paick, Keumsook Hahn, Miki Lim, Ho Gyung Woo.

Korean American Librarians and Information Professionals Association
(Formerly Korean American Librarians Association)

Quarterly Meeting Minutes

1. Report on Korean Language Collection Survey for the Directory of Korean Language Collections in the Greater Los Angeles Area:

Most of the survey forms are collected. Forms need to be sent to Nancy Choi at as soon as possible. We'll list the library that has the holding of 200 volumes or more.
Publishing the directory is very costly. Acquiring sponsors through local Korean Bookstores is a possibility. The goal is set to $1,000. Won-Tack Kim will contact the bookstores.

2. ALA Affiliation initiated by Moo Jae Pak at OCLC:

According to ALA guideline for affiliation, at least 100 due-paying membership and nationwide membership are required.
The KALIPA has explored the possibility for affiliation in 1984 and 1985 during the ALA Conference, but it was not successful.
Young Sil Lee suggested that it would be more efficient if the regional chapters are established first.
Jae Min Roh suggested to form a task force for affiliation with ALA and have a meeting among Korean American Librarians in San Francisco during ALA to gather the opinions.
All attendees decided to support Moo Jae Park's enthusiasm about affiliation with ALA and agreed on Jae Min Roh's suggestion for forming a task force.
The Task Force members will be Choonhee Rhim, Joy Kim and Joanne Kim.

3. Name Change for KALA

It was suggested to change the Association's name because KALA (Korean American Librarians Association) is often confused with CALA (Chinese American Librarians Association) in pronunciation.
Between two suggestions for new name: Association for Korean American Librarians and Information Professionals and Korean American Librarians and Information Professionals Association, the new name was decided to be KOREAN AMERICAN LIBRARIANS AND INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS ASSOCIATION (KALIPA).

4. KALIPA Scholarship

Letters and applications will be sent to the library schools by November, 2000.
We will make the scholarship to be a travel grant to attend the ALA in San Francisco.
$300 will be awarded to two library school students of Korean ancestry.
Deadline and selection date will be announced later.

5. Membership Chair: Ed Pai will be the Membership Chair of the KALIPA for 2001.

6. Treasurer's Report: As of August 31, 2000, the balance is $2632.60

7. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.