February 2002

Saturday, February 2, 2002 - 13:00
Korean Cultural Center Library, Los Angeles, California
Choonhee Rhim, Keumsook Hahn, Joy Kim, Won-tack Kim, Miki Lim, Un-joo Lee, Sejung Kim, Heawon Paick, Esther Han, Chungsil Han Kim, Kyung-hyun Cho, Kyong-ran Kim, Jae Min Roh, Ik-sam Kim

Korean American Librarians and Information Professionals Association
General Meeting Minutes

1. Introduction of the first President of the KALIPA (formerly known KALA): One of the founding members the first President of the KALA, Ik-sam Kim talked about the history and early activities of the KALA. He said that the KALA was established with about 20 Korean American librarians in southern California in 1983. Since there was no email system at that time, telephone calls and hand-written letters were used to inform the activities and meeting announcements. Even though all the members were busy, they had quarterly meetings, conducted numerous programs and workshops and published the KALA newsletters. KALA also had several programs in conjunction with the other organization, such as CLA and ALA.

2. Financial report from the Treasurer, Keumsook Hahn:

BALANCE OF 1/1/2001 $4,127.30

Membership Fee (16) $ 480.00
Bank Interests $ 50.34
TOTAL $ 530.34

Korean collection directory printing $1,246.25
Flower for members $ 100.00
NCAPAL $ 100.00
Directory mailing $ 165.31
Scholarship (awarded to 2) $ 600.00
Poster for ALA meeting $ 14.03
TOTAL $2,225.59

ENDING BALANCE OF 12/31/2001 $2,432.05

3. Scholarship Award: The Scholarship Committee (Young Sil Lee, Ed Pai, Nancy Park, Heawon Paick) reported that there were three applicants for the KALIPA scholarship this year, Myong Ae Kang, Kristy Moon and Chungsil Han Kim. Among the three applicants, Chungsil Han Kim was chosen to be the recipient of the scholarship. Chungsil Han Kim is attending the Graduate School of Education and Information Science at UCLA. She graduated from Yonsei University in Korea with English major and Journalism as minor. Since she came to the United States, she has worked at various Korean TV and Radio Stations including KTAN as a reporter and an anchor woman. When she was looking for a career change, she came to cover the KALIPA's workshop, "How to Become a Librarian in the U.S." held in 2000. After covering the workshop for KTAN as a reporter, she decided to become a librarian and now she is a full-time student at Graduate School of Education and Information Science at UCLA. She will be a great asset to Korean American community when she becomes a librarian. We all wish her a successful completion of her study.

4. Year 2002 program discussion:

The KALIPA will help Pio Pico Koreatown Branch Library's programs for its grand opening scheduled for June, 2002. One of the programs the KALIPA can help is "Meet with the Author" program. We hope to invite one author from Korea and one Korean American author from the U.S. The author to be invited from Korea should be the one who is widely known to Korean community.

Some of the candidates to be invited as Korean American authors are Linda Sue Park, who won 2002 Newbery Award (probably the first Korean American author to win this very prestigious award), Helie Lee, author of "Still Life with Rice", Helen Kim, author of "A Long season of Rain, and An Na who also won Michael L. Printz Award with "A step from heaven", which is the young adult version of Newbery award. Sejung Kim will contact Helie Lee and Heawon Paick will look into the possibility of inviting Linda Sue Park. Bringing one of these authors will not be easy due to the possible high expenses and schedule conflict, however we need to look for the ways to fund this program.

KALIPA will also have a program, "How to Use a Library" when the Pio Pico Koreatown Library opens to educate the Korean community on effective use of the library and library collections for their various needs.

5. The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.