February 2003

Saturday, February 8, 2003 - 13:00
Korean Cultural Center Library, Los Angeles, California
Choonhee Rhim, Youngsil Lee, Youngjoo Kim, Chungsil Kim, Esther Han, Nancy Park, Miki Lim, Kumsun Kim, Joanne Kim, Hokyung Woo, Taeok Shin, Jaemin Rho, Won-tack Kim, Heawon Paick, Joy Kim, Jongseo Yoon (Space Amazing), Seungho Choi (Space Amazing)

Korean American Librarians and Information Professionals Association
Quarterly Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome

President Rhim welcomed the members and newcomers to the general meeting.
Newcomers: Youngjoo Kim, an exchange librarian from Korea Assembly Library who is now working at USC with Joy Kim. Jongseo Yoon and Seungho Choi from Space Amazing Inc. to meet the KALIPA members and to demonstrate their library online system.

2. KALIPA Financial Report, 2002

Since the KALIPA treasurer, Keumsook Han, was not able to attend the meeting, President Rhim read the report. It indicated that the total income during the year was $559.83, while the total expenditure was $580, leaving a balance of $2,411.88 as of December 2002.

3. KALIPA's Author Invitation Program : Linda Sue Park, the Newbery Award Winner, 2002

President Rhim gave a brief history of the development of this program from its inception to the current final planning stage. She especially thanked the Korean Cultural Center and the Friends of Pio Pico Koreatown Branch Library for their generous donations to make this program possible. Youngsil Lee, the Chair of the Author Invitation Committee, summarized the progress of this program. She reported that she was in communication with Elena Murphy, Linda Sue Park's agent, and finalized the schedule of the events and other details to have this program in Los Angeles. The following is the summary of the program details.

(a) Morning Presentation: The morning presentation will be held at the Central Library of the Los Angeles Public Library at 10:00 AM. This presentation is arranged by the Children's Services department of the Central Library of the Los Angeles Public Library in conjunction with their monthly children's librarians' book order meeting. MCLS (Metropolitan Cooperative Library System) librarians will also be invited to this presentation.
(b) Evening Presentation: The evening presentation will be held at the Pio Pico Koreatown Branch Library at 6:00 PM. Everyone is invited.
(c) Book Sale and Author Signing: FOCAL (Friends of Children and Literature) of the Los Angeles Public Library agreed to be in charge of all book sales and the author signing for the morning and evening presentations. The title to be sold is: "A single shard" which received the Newbery award in 2002. FOCAL will buy about 120 copies of this title with prepayment and will return the unsold copies to the publisher after the presentations. They will keep the profit from this book sale and pay for the return shipping.
(d) Advertisement of the Presentation: Chungsil Kim, Miki Lim and Taeok Shin will work together to have the program announced through various media such as major Korean newspapers, and radio and television stations. The Central Library of the Los Angeles Public Library will announce the presentation within their library system and MCLS. When the flyers are made, they will also be available to the Korean American community in Los Angeles.
(e) Reception: There will be a reception with refreshments after the presentation, both at the Central Library and at the Pio Pico Koreatown Branch Library.
(f) Transportation: Heawon Paick volunteered to provide the transportation for Lind Sue Park, from picking her up at the airport to taking her to various places such as her hotel and the libraries.
(g) Dinner: Linda Sue Park will not be available for dinner with the KALIPA members on March 12 because she has to leave for San Francisco right after the evening presentation. However, lunch will be arranged with the LAPL librarians, authors, the KALIPA members and the Friends of Pio Pico Koreatown Branch Library.
(h) Hotel accommodation: A decent hotel in downtown LA will be selected. She is expected to stay at the hotel from the evening of March 11 until the late afternoon of March 12th.
(i) Expense: Clarion, the publisher of her book, will pay for the airfare from New York to San Diego, thus KALIPA is responsible only for the airfare from San Diego to LAX, the hotel, meals, transportation and the honorarium of $1,000. Since the Korean Cultural Center has agreed to donate $800 and the Friends of Pio Pico Koreatown Branch Library $500, KALIPA will be responsible for the remainder.

Youngsil Lee asked members to give any suggestions to make this program successful, and the following is the summary of suggestions and ideas.

Chungsil Kim volunteered to be responsible for publicizing the event in the Korean American media as it is hoped that wide publicity among the Korean Americans will make this event a success.
Won-tack Kim suggested that the teachers in LAUSD and elsewhere be notified of the event, as they may be interested.
Esther Han asked if an interpreter for the Korean monolingual audience will be available. Youngsil Lee suggested that a short summary in Korean at the end of Linda Sue Park's presentation would be more effective. Chungsil Kim volunteered to be the interpreter.
Jaemin Roh suggested that the Korean language version of "A Single Shard" should also be available for sale, along with the English version. Youngsil Lee will check with Linda Sue Park's agent and report to Mr. Rho.
The total cost of the event was estimated to be about $1700. The breakdown of the tentative costs is as follows: Airfare $100; flyer $100; hotel and meals $500; transportation $50; honorarium $1,000. Refreshment will be provided by the Central Library of the Los Angeles Public Library for the morning program and the Friends of Pio Pico Koreatown Branch Library for the evening program.

4. Announcement of the KALIPA scholarship

President Rhim announced that this year's KALIPA scholarship of $500 is awarded to Young Park who attends the School of Library and Information Science at Catholic University, Washington D.C.

5. Election for the KALIPA President, Vice President and other officers:

There was an election for the new officers to lead the KALIPA for the future.
The election results are as follows:

President: Youngsil Lee
Vice President: Haewon Paick
Secretary: Chungsil Kim
Treasurer: Keumsook Han
Membership Chair: Choonhee Rhim

6. KALIPA Homepage:

There has been an offer from Space Amazing Inc. to improve the KALIPA homepage in exchange for having their company logo on our homepage. Jongseo Yoon, a sales representative from Space-Amazing Inc., presented two options for the KALIPA homepage:

1) Have the Space Amazing logo on our homepage after obtaining a new domain name solely for KALIPA, and the KALIPA gets a monetary donation from Space Amazing
2) Move the current KALIPA homepage to Space Amazing's domain for them to maintain. As there were many things to consider before the decision was made, it was agreed that this issue needed to be revisited in consultation with Mr. Pai and others in the future.

7. Demonstration of Space Amazing library system:

Jongseo Yoon and Seungho Choi, the sales representatives from Space Amazing Inc., held a demonstration of their library system SA3000 for the members. Many questions were asked by the members about the history of the company, the system structure, search protocols, etc.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.