September 2004

Friday, September 24, 2004 - 18:30
O-dae San, Los Angeles, California
Young-sil Lee, Yi Un-joo, Paick Heawon, Kang Mi-gyong, Won Dave, Shin Tae-ok, Lim Miki, Kim Won-taeck, Rhim Choon-hee

Korean American Librarians and Information Professionals Association
Quarterly Meeting Minutes

1. Progress Report on Library User's Guide

KALIPA received $1,000 from Korean Cultural Center..
Yi Young-sil thanked Han Kum-sook and Shin Tae-ok for their help to get the grant.
Target pages are maximum 12 pages with the following division: Cover and the back with 2, Cultural Center with 2, Academic with 2, and the public with the remaining pages
Plan to publish 1,000 booklets
Dave Won will investigate the printing cost
Each committee is as follows:
Public - Han Chung-sil (LAPL); Paick Heawon (LAPL); Yi Un-joo (CLAPL)
Academic - Kang Mi-gyong (UCLA); Lee Sun-yoon (USC)
Special - Korean Cultural Center
Coordinator - Yi Young-sil
Design, Layout, and Printing - Dave Won (CLAPL)
Publication Target Date - March 15, 2005
It is encouraged for the committee members communicate frequently.
Target budget is set to $2,000 depending on the printing cost.

2. Scholarship

The announcement will be going out to Library schools in California area.
The Application deadline is December 1, 2004
Space Amazing has not fulfilled its commitment regarding sponsoring the scholarship. It is suggested and agreed that the company's name should be removed from the homepage.

3. Other Discussion Items

Heawon Paick will find the mailing address of Charlotte Kim of Chicago Public Library and send a card and flower arrangement for her recovery from illness.
It is suggested that sending out a letter for asking more members to pay membership dues and soliciting fund for scholarship. Yi Young-sil and Han Kum-sook will look into it.

4. Announcement

Kim Yon-sin who is an Outreach Librarian at Queens Public Library contacted Yi Young-sil for possible joint programs for Korean American patrons.
Soon Jung (Newport) has a Granddaughter now and Nancy Park has a new daughter in addition to her son.
Rhim Choon-hee announced that her college (East Los Angeles College) received a grant of $50,000 from Amazon for book purchasing.
Kang Mi-gyong announced that UCLA's Center for Korean Studies received and endowment of $1,000,000. Also UCLA's Orion Catalog System was converted to Voyager, which allows the users to search in Korean and Chinese characters.
Yi Youngsil tried to contact Shin Yong-gi at Orange County Public Library a few times but failed.

5. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

- Minutes submitted by Paick Heawon