February 2007

Friday, February 2, 2007 - 18:45
Kang Nam Restaurant, Los Angeles, California
Miki Lim (LAPL, Pio Pico Koreatown Branch), Sun-Yun Yi (USC), Yu-Rim Yi (Visiting Librarian from Korea), Kyong-Hyon Cho (Fullerton Seminary), Won-Tack Kim (LAPL, Catalog Dept.), Kum-Sook Hahn (LAPL, Int’l Languages Dept), Choon-Hee Rhim (East LA College), Ki-Suk Pak (Orange County, Irvine Branch), Un-Joo Lee (East LA College), Young-Sil Lee (LAPL, Business & Ecomonics), Song-Gyong Kim (Oriental Mission Church), Richard Kong (Thousand Oaks Public), Chong-Rye O (LAPL, Catalog), JaEun Ku (UCLA), Heawon Paick (LAPL, John Muir Branch)

Korean American Librarians and Information Professionals Association
Quarterly Meeting Minutes

1. First General Meeting this year since February 2006.
2. Treasurer's Report:
Balance as of December 2006 is $3336.62
Membership Due for the calendar year is $30.00
3. Library User's Guide
New Staff at the Cultural Center: So-Un Chu
Academic Library Section needs to be re-formatted its content matching with Public Library Section Sun-Yun Yi (USC) and JaEun Ku (UCLA) will work on the Section.
Public Library Section: Ki-Suk Pak (Orange County) will revise them and forward to Young-Sil Lee (LAPL, Business & Economics Dept) and Sun-Yun Yi.
Draft should be out by March.
Dave Won will do the final editing before being sent out to the printing
4. Scholarship:
No Awardees last year
Will award 2 people this year.
Same schedule as usual.? Will send out information to UCLA and Cal State San Jose at Fullerton.
5. Web Page:
Has not been updated for about a year
Port access is not possible to send out from USC server anymore.? Need a new Webmaster.
JaEun Ku (UCLA) will be the new Webmaster for KALIPA.
6. Program ideas:
"How to Set Up a Church Library", "How to Become a Librarian in the US"?, recycle old programs.
Author Program? Possible authors are Mun-ryol Yi and/or Chin-Myong Kim
Will plan to have "How to Set-up a Church Library" at Oriental Mission Church in September 2007. Song-gyong Kim and Kyong-hyon Cho will be coordinating.

*The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

- Minutes taken and submitted by Heawon Paick.